Kverneland 6716 - 6720 Plus

Muutuva kambriga rullipress rulli läbimõõduga 0,60–1,65 ja 2,00 m.

Kõige uuemate Kverneland 6700 Plus sarja rullipressidega saab koristada erinevaid põllukultuure ning nendel on kasumlikkuse tagamiseks suur tootlikkus ja parim rulli tihedus. Uute Plus sarja mudelite eelisteks on rikkalikult värskendusi, mille eesmärk on suurendada tootlikkust ja vähendada hooldusvajadust. Kogurit on värskendatud pikemate piidega ja puhastuse parendamiseks laiemate vaheplekkidega. Koguri ja peamise tihenduskambri ajamitele on paigaldatud uus tugevama spetsifikatsiooniga HBC kett. Vaaluvaltsil on parema söötejõudluse tagamiseks suurendatud tõusuulatus ja sisemiste laagritega fikseeritud võll. Sarja 6000 Plus eesrindlik rullide tihedus saavutatakse tänu nutikale tihedustehnikale Intelligent Density 3D, mis võimaldab kasutajal valida oma saagitüübile kõige paremini sobiva rulli tiheduse.


  • Lai 2,2 m laiune madala profiiliga kogur ja suure tootlikkusega söötesüsteemid
  • PowerFeed sööterootor või 14 ja 25 noaga SuperCut peenestussüsteemid parima silokvaliteedi saavutamiseks
  • Lihtsalt vabastatav DropFloor põhi ummistuste kõrvaldamiseks
  • Traktori juhiruumist eelvalitavad kolm rulli südamiku tihedust.
  • Võrgu otsesisestus PowerBind kiireks ja töökindlaks võrguga mähkimiseks.
  • Lihtne ja kerge võrgurulli laadimine.
  • ISOBUS juhtpaneelid

Tehnilised andmed

  Rulli läbimõõt Söötesüsteem Sidumine
6716 Plus R 1,2 x 0,6-1,65 m PowerFeed rootor Võrk, võrk ja nöör
6716 Plus SC14 1,2 x 0,6-1,65 m SuperCut 14 Võrk, võrk ja nöör
6716 Plus SC25 1,2 x 0,6-1,65 m SuperCut 25 Võrk
6720 Plus R 1,2 x 0,6-1,65 m PowerFeed rootor Võrk, võrk ja nöör
6720 Plus SC14 1,2 x 0,6-1,65 m SuperCut 14 Võrk, võrk ja nöör
6720 Plus SC25 1,2 x 0,6-1,65 m SuperCut 25  Võrk


  • 2.0 or 2.2m pick-up with small diameter pick-up reel for fast and efficient throughput.
  • Pick-up with 4 or 5 rows of tines respectively.
  • Twin cam tracks on the 2.2m wide pick-up.
  • Tine bars with two central supports on the 2.2m wide pick-up.
  • Small diameter pick-up design.
  • Roller crop press is standard on the 2.2m wide pick-up.
  • Narrow transport width.

Intake System

PowerFeed Rotor Intake

  • Truly impressive intake capacity can be achieved with the PowerFeed rotor intake system - handling all crop types with ease, whatever the conditions.
  • The PowerFeed rotor with its 13 rotor fingers proactively forces the material into the bale chamber for higher intake speed and capacity proving instant bale start


Single or Dual Fork Feeder

  • The fork feeder versions are fitted with a cost efficient fork feeder intake system. This system provides direct feed into the bale chamber, and the wide opening allows almost unrestricted intake capacity for fast and efficient bale start.
  • In addition the fork feeder gives less vibration and reduced power consumption.
  • The fork feeder is provided with a crop press above the pick-up that ensures a regular crop flow even from large bulky swaths.
  • Dual fork feeder with double feed tines ensures even higher capacity, while still safeguarding fragile crop types.

PowerBind Net Wrap

  • One of the fastest net wrap actions available. This means minimum downtime and maximum time baling.
  • The net is fed directly into the bale chamber by an injection arm in a flat movement angle to keep the net tight at all times.
  • Accurate and extremely reliable net injection.
  • No interference from external factors such as wind and crop.
  • When the bale is 90% complete the injection arm moves forward, ready for the net injection. No time is spent picking up the net.
  • Very low loading height, for maximum convenience and time saving. To replace the empty roll just swing out the shaft and replace it with a new roll
  • The PowerBind net wrap system allows the net to extend past the edge of the bale.

Intelligent Density 3D

  • Setting and selection of correct bale density is vital in order to the get right quality of the bale. Especially when the baler is utilized through the full season in different crops like straw, hay and silage it is important to adjust the bale density to specific type of material.
  • Intelligent Density 3D with 3 pre-selected bale density settings making it very easy to choose the correct bale density in different crops.
  • It is however still possible to customize the bale density in 3 separate zones each with a choice of diameter and pressure to match specific request.
  • With the new Intelligent Density 3D application three pre-configured bale densities are available from the menu of the control box, each of them tailored for straw, hay or silage. This makes the change-over from different crop material much easier limiting the risk of mistakes.
  • Baling dry straw and want the heaviest bales possible? Maximum pressure is set in every zone.
  • Baling hay? Soft centre core to let the bale breath is set, with gradually increasing pressure towards the outer layer.
  • Baling wet silage? Pressure is reduced in the centre and mid zones.

Parallelogram DropFloor system for easy unblocking

  • Parallelogram Drop Floor enables the operator to clear blockages easily from the tractor cab without any crop loss.
  • Drop the floor to free the rotor of blockage, engage the PTO to feed the blockage through and close the floor to continue baling

TechnoPack (option)

Techno-Pack has been developed to offer professional farmers and contractors the optimum solution in terms of crop harvesting management. The moisture level of crop entering the bale chamber during the baling process is continuously measured and displayed on the baler terminal. Sensor plates are mounted in the lower part of the bale chamber, from which the system calculates the percentage of moisture inside the bale. The system is able to detect moisture levels up to 50% allowing the driver to decide at any time if crops such as hay or straw are fit to bale - your assurance of always preserving the best possible forage quality.

ISOBUS Control

IsoMatch Tellus Terminal

  • The IsoMatch Tellus is the new virtual terminal, offering 2 Interface screens in 1 terminal. The large 12” easily programmable touch screen offers ergonomic use and is designed for long days of operation.
  • Due to the increasing number of functionalities that can be added to a machine such as cameras, the operator can use the baler interface in the top screen and a camera display in the bottom screen, to monitor finished bales.
  • Another possibility is to use the baler interface in the top screen and the tractor interface screen at the bottom.

IsoMatch Tellus GO Terminal

  • IsoMatch Tellus Go is a full Isobus terminal able to control all Isobus machines in a very simple way.
  • Compact design makes it easy to integrate in the tractor cab despite the comfortable 7" touch screen allowing perfect machine set-up and control. With hard keys combined with the rotary switch on right hand side, for direct access to main functions while driving. 

The Focus 3 Control Terminal

Kverneland Group Mechatronics has recently launched a new operator terminal, the Focus 3. This terminal is developed for specific implement types and will only be delivered as package for those implements, together with the electronics for balers. The terminal Focus 3 is positioned in the market as an economy solution.

  • The Focus 3 terminal is easy to learn and very intuitive, with focus on functionality and operating simplicity. The Focus 3 terminal is a universal control terminal which can also be used with other implements from Kverneland Group.
  • The Focus 3 terminal gives you full control of all functions from the tractor cab. They are shown on a large and very clear digital display. The Focus 3 terminal monitors and controls all necessary functions with all relevant parameters / information visible at a glance. The control box is also driving the binding automatically without any intervention from the operator.