Kverneland 6716 - 6720 Plus FlexiWrap

Kiletaja koos muutuva mahuga kambriga pressimise põhimõttega.

Kokkuehitatud kiletaja ja rullipress

Uusimatel Kverneland 6000 Plus sarja FlexiWrap rullipressi ja kiletaja kombinatsioonidel on tavaliste rullipresside mudelitele sarnased täiendused, mille eesmärk on suurendada tootlikkust ja vähendada hooldusvajadust, hoides samas käituskulud võimalikult väiksena. Nendel uutel mudelitel on muudetud alusvanker koos uue veotiisli ja lisaosadega mis vähendavad saagi kuhjumist. Uute juurutuste hulgas on veel uuendatud rataste valik ja ISO-ühilduvad juhtnupud.


  • Ühtne ühe töökäiguga rullimise ja kiletamise lahendus.
  • Muudetava kambrimahuga rullimise põhimõte rulli läbimõõduga 0,60-1,65/2,00 m.
  • Võrgu otsesisestus PowerBind kiireks ja töökindlaks võrguga mähkimiseks.
  • Kiletuslaud on teisaldatakse pressi tagaluugi alla ja rull langeb otse lauale.
  • Suure kiirusega kiletamine kahe eelpinguti abil – kiletamine lõpeb alati enne järgmise rulli valmimist.
  • Väike kiletuslaua kõrgus rullide õrnaks mahalaadimiseks. Saadaval valikuline rulli otsa peale pööramise komplekt.
  • Kile lisarullid langetatakse vahetamise hõlbustamiseks hüdrauliliselt


Tehnilised andmed

Mudel Rulli läbimõõt (m) Söötesüsteem Sidumine
6716 Plus FlexiWrap SC14 1,2 x 0,6-1,65 SuperCut 14 Võrk
6716 Plus FlexiWrap SC25 1,2 x 0,6-1,65 SuperCut 25 Võrk 
6720 Plus FlexiWrap SC14 1,2 x 0,6-2,00 SuperCut 14 Võrk 
6720 Plus FlexiWrap SC25 1,2 x 0,6-2,00 SuperCut 25 Võrk

2.2m Wide Pick-Up

  • 2.2m pick-up with small diameter pick-up reel for fast and efficient throughput.
  • Pick-up with 5 rows of tines
  • Twin cam tracks.
  • Tine bars with two central supports.
  • Small diameter pick-up design.
  • Roller crop press is standard.
  • Narrow transport width – no need to remove the pick-up wheels for transport.

Intake Rotor


  • The SuperCut-14 knife chopping system provides a fast and efficient flow into the baler. With a chopping length of 70 mm it is the ideal solution for producing tight bales with superb silage quality.
  • Each individual knife is spring protected against foreign obstacles. The knife will immediately return to working position once the obstacle has passed.


  • The SuperCut-25 pre-chopping system offers the ultimate solution for short chop baling with a chop length of 40mm. The short and precise chop provides dense and airtight bales for the best possible silage quality.
  • The operator can choose to engage 25, 13, 12, 6 or 0 knives, giving maximum flexibility of operation.
  • The SuperCut- 25 knives are fitted with dual action protection against foreign objects. Each knife is individually spring protected and can move in two directions

PowerFeed Rotor Intake

  • Truly impressive intake capacity can be achieved with the PowerFeed rotor intake system - handling all crop types with ease, whatever the conditions.
  • The PowerFeed rotor with its 13 rotor fi ngers proactively forces the material into the bale chamber for higher intake speed and capacity proving instant bale start.

Parallelogram DropFloor system for easy unblocking

  • Parallelogram Drop Floor enables the operator to clear blockages easily from the tractor cab without any crop loss.
  • Drop the floor to free the rotor of blockage, engage the PTO to feed the blockage through and close the floor to continue baling

PowerBind Net Wrap

  • One of the fastest net wrap actions available. This means minimum downtime and maximum time baling.
  • The net is fed directly into the bale chamber by an injection arm in a flat movement angle to keep the net tight at all times.
  • Accurate and extremely reliable net injection.
  • No interference from external factors such as wind and crop.
  • When the bale is 90% complete the injection arm moves forward, ready for the net injection. No time is spent picking up the net.
  • Very low loading height, for maximum convenience and time saving. To replace the empty roll just swing out the shaft and replace it with a new roll
  • The PowerBind net wrap system allows the net to extend past the edge of the bale.

Intelligent Density 3D

  • Setting and selection of correct bale density is vital in order to the get right quality of the bale. Especially when the baler is utilized through the full season in different crops like straw, hay and silage it is important to adjust the bale density to specific type of material.
  • Intelligent Density 3D with 3 pre-selected bale density settings making it very easy to choose the correct bale density in different crops.
  • It is however still possible to customize the bale density in 3 separate zones each with a choice of diameter and pressure to match specific request.
  • With the new Intelligent Density 3D application three pre-configured bale densities are available from the menu of the control box, each of them tailored for straw, hay or silage. This makes the change-over from different crop material much easier limiting the risk of mistakes.
  • Baling dry straw and want the heaviest bales possible? Maximum pressure is set in every zone.
  • Baling hay? Soft centre core to let the bale breath is set, with gradually increasing pressure towards the outer layer.
  • Baling wet silage? Pressure is reduced in the centre and mid zones.

FlexiWrap Bale Transfer

  • Once the net is applied to the bale the wrapping table is transferred to the tailgate of the baler unit, ready to receive the finished bale.
  • When the tailgate opens the bale is dropped directly onto the wrapping table, with no interfering steps in-between that needs to guide the bale onto the wrapping table.
  • This provides a very safe bale transfer with no risk of the bale rolling off the wrapping table, even when working in very hilly conditions.
  • When the bale is onto the wrapping table it is transferred quickly to the satellite wrapper, and wrapping starts instantly.

FlexiWrap Wrapping Table

  • The wrapping table with 4 endless belts and rollers carries and rotates the bale evenly during wrapping with no risk of film damage.
  • The twin pre-stretchers ensure high speed wrapping, so the wrapping process will finish on time before the new bale is ready.
  • The pre-stretchers are positioned close to the bale, to limit the amount of air trapped under the film during wrapping.
  • Once the bale is wrapped, it can be unloading automatically or manually during formation of the next bale. The manual option gives the driver the possibility to drop the bale where most suitable, for instance so bale are all dropped in line for each pick-up.
  • The low mounted wrapping table ensures gentle unloading of the bales. In addition the Kverneland FlexiWrap can be fitted with a bale on end kit. The bale is tipped off gently on the end side, where the highest number of film layers is applied.

Strong Chassis Design

  • The FlexiWrap baler wrapper combination is firmly mounted onto a strong and durable chassis.
  • Load and weight are evenly distributed for maximum stability, for instance thanks to the low position of the wrapping table.
  • The tandem axle with 560/45-R22.5 tyres (optional 710/35-R22.5) provides very good stability when operating in the field or running on the road.